Refurbished Chubb Vault Door

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Refurbished Chubb Vault Door & Cage Door for sale

This is a very high-quality Chubb Vault Door that came from an extremely secure financial processing facility in Melbourne. It weighs just over 2400kgs and is fully equipped with Glass Re-Lockers and all the highest spec security devices.

If you're near Ballarat, Geelong or Melbourne, we are happy to deliver it to you. We will need to have a forklift on site when we deliver it, as its a bit tricky to move with just the crane on our truck.

When we take it out to you all the security devices will be deactivated until you've finished building the vault around it.
We will come back when you've finished and change the access codes, enable the security devices, etc.

We have lots of other new and used Safes in stock. Come down to our shop and have a look.