Delivery Service


We bring the safe or vault to you, advise you where best to put it, get it level and  securely bolt it down to the floor.

We then explain how to operate it, change codes and explain any maintenance procedures of your new safe or vault.

We'll also help you if you have a problem in the future. Were a small company that prides itself on good after service

Our experts recognise the importance of ensuring safety in all aspects of delivery and installation Safes.

Not only do we take extreme care in ensuring that the Safe or Vault being delivered to and installed in your premises is protected from damage, but we also ensure that your property and contents are protected during the delivery and installation process.

Safes can be extremely heavy and normally require special lifting equipment to move. We will need vehicular access as close as possible to the installation location and a clear path to where the safe will be installed.

We deliver safes every day, to locations all across Australia. So you don' have to worry about a thing, we've got years of experience doing this.

Before shipping, we inspect every safe to ensure quality, function, door adjustment and proper lock operation.

The cost of delivering and installing a safe depends on the size and weight of the safe and its installation address. Our professional safe installers consistently deliver and install safes between 25-3000kgs