About us and why we do what we do.

My goal is to provide people with an option to keep their sentimental and intellectual property safe in the event of a burglary or fire.

"I've been working in the Australian Security Industry since 2000. Initially, I was installing Alarm Systems and CCTV Equipment. I liked my job, met some wonderful people, learned lots of different things and had loads of work.

The only downside part of the job was going to houses and businesses after they had been burgled. It probably seems odd to you that most people only think about security after they've been burgled, that's just the way things are, I don't pretend to know why.

Crimes like these nearly always have a drug component, whether it's ice or heroin, the results are inevitably similar. The junkie will be paid by the dealer to steal certain small and easily sold items that will, in turn, be passed on to the next level of drug dealer up the chain until they are eventually shipped overseas. In most, but not all domestic/business burglaries, similar items get stolen.

For example.
1) The jewellery box that was sitting on the wooden dresser next to the mirror.
2) The spare car, house etc. keys sat in a bowl in the kitchen or office.
3) The iPad, camera, laptop sat on the lounge suite or desk.
4) The Passports, birth certificates and banking info that was stored in the study or filing cabinet.

The days of junkies stealing TVs or DVD players are long gone. Your identity documents and banking information will always be worth more than a TV to a criminal.

A lot of newer model cars, for example, cannot be stolen without the keys. So the junkie breaks into your house to steal the keys and then comes back another time to take the car.

As the years have gone by I've become a bit disheartened by always being on the back foot. Australian houses and businesses are invariably built to be open and friendly. Sadly, The exact opposite of secure!.

No one wants to live in Fort Knox so I can't stop your house or business from being broken into, only try to protect your most personal and important belongings.

My goal is to provide people with an option to keep their sentimental and intellectual property in the event of a burglary safe and secure. While I can't stop you being broken into I can stop your most precious things from being stolen. A new door lock or a window is easy to replace, family memories like photos and videos are not.

Identity theft has to be one of the most easily preventable and invasive (non phsical) things that can happen to someone. If someone has had their identity stolen, the effects just carry on and on for decades and can ruin businesses and lives". 


Nigel Henning
Managing Director