Customised Safes


High-end, Specialist Engineering Geared for the Security Industry


Firearm Safes

We Customised Safes and Vaults
Many low-end, off the shelf gun safes are hopelessly inadequate.

They meet the minimum legal specifications but in reality offer absolutely no realistic safeguarding of your firearms.

Our onsite experts can refit an old bank safe to your specifications to create a one-of-a-kind, customised gun storage unit. The end result is an impenetrable gun safe to the level of bank-grade security.


Drug Safes

Our drug safes are sought by doctors, medical and dental centres, aged care nursing homes, community care, veterinary surgeries, and similar who are looking to securely store a variety of drugs on-site in order to prevent unauthorised access, and meet Code of Practice for the Storage and Transport of Drugs of Dependence.

An example would be the storage of Webster-Paks medication packs.

Our competitive, ‘over-spec’ Drug Safes will future-proof your organisation against any changes to existing legislation.


Cash-Rated Safes

All new safes come with a cash rating.

It’s a term used to try and measure the level of security offered by a particular safe, based on the materials, strength, and locking devices fitted.

“Insurance Rating” is effectively the same as “Cash Rating”. These ratings enable you to easily compare different safes and what level of security they will provide.

We offer high-end, specialist engineering geared for the Security Industry.

We can customise bank safes/vaults to well and truly surpass their industry norms and specifications.

This unique approach might appeal to SMSF for storage of precious metal, gun collectors, and the likes that require a unique, high-end storage solution.


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